Banks Blame Clients When Hackers Steal


Valiena Allison got a call from her bank one morning in 2010 regarding a wire transfer from her company’s account. She told the bank manager she hadn’t approved any such wire transfer. What she later found out was that the problem was, that her computer had.

Allison is the CEO of Sterling Heights, Michigan-based Experi-Metal Inc., and she later learned that her office computer was approving other transfers as she was speaking to the bank manager. During hours of frantic phone calls with her bank, she was unable to halt this cybercrime which was in progress as transfers continued to be generated. By the end of the day, $5.2 million was had been transferred to cyber thieve. And what did her bank say?

She contacted her Comerica branch office to help her recover the $5.2 million. It got all but $561,000 of the funds and then came the surprise. The bank said the loss was Experi-Metal’s problem because it had allowed her computer to be infected by the hackers.

“At the end of the day, the fraud department at Comerica said: ‘What’s wrong with you? How could you let this happen?”

This just one example of what can happen to companies and even individuals as cybercrime becomes more wide-spread. Mark Seguin can help to prevent this from happening in your company through engaging training that will change thinking, change behavior and manage risk.

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