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How To Be Removed From Commercial Email Lists — Spam Removal


Email – sometimes we love it and sometimes we hate it – especially when we get spam that we don’t want from advertisers. It takes up space in our inbox and is cumbersome to get rid of.

We have found one company that you can register with for Free and begin to eliminate those unwanted email advertisements.  As a free service, you simply register your email address one time and it stays active for five years.

So if you would like to control all those commercial emails from clogging up your inbox, then you’ll want to use the Free Email Preference Service (eMPS).

How Do I Get Off Email Lists?

You may register with the eMPS removal file online. Registration is good for five years. Use this online registration form. You must register your email address with eMPS directly; third party requests cannot be processed.

What Happens After I Request My Email Removal?

When you register with eMPS, your name is placed on a “delete” file which is made available to companies.

Will Registration With eMPS End All Advertising Mail?

No. You will continue to receive mail from companies with which you do business and from charitable or commercial organizations which do not choose to use eMPS. In addition, you may continue to receive email from many local merchants, professional and alumni associations and political candidates. Unfortunately, there are also many individuals who do not adhere to best business practices and do not remove people who do not wish to receive unsolicited email before sending emails.

Although registration with eMPS will help reduce the number of emails you receive, it will not stop all commercial emails. You may continue to receive emails from groups or advertisers who do not use eMPS to clean their lists. Email of a business-to-business nature received at your place of employment is also not affected through registration with eMPS.

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