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Social Media Blooper Reel: Don’t Let This Happen to You


NFL Referee is FiredIf you’ve ever fired off a Tweet or posted a status on Facebook without thinking twice, you may end up like one of these unsuspecting people who got caught representing themselves poorly online.

We have heard so many stories of people who have unwittingly posted statuses, photos and comments on their Facebook, Twitter or other social site that has led to their demise. It’s time we put some of our favorite together to give you a good reference point of what not to do:

  1. Could sharing a photo of you wearing a shirt displaying your favorite sports team get you in trouble? Apparently. Especially if you’re an NFL Referee. After posting the above photo on his Facebook, an NFL Spokesman is quoted as saying, “I don’t believe you will see him back on the field.” Read more.
  2. A teacher is fired after clicking “no” to believing in God on a survey on Facebook. Read more.
  3. After a long day at school, a 13 year old girl posted on her Facebook that she “wished Osama Bin Laden killed my math teacher.” She was suspended from school. Watch the story.
  4. An teacher is fired over an innocent joke about her students that she made on Facebook. Read more.
  5. Two students make threats on Facebook against their school and a teacher in particular. They ended up spending time in juvenile detention and are possibly facing expulsion and/or criminal charges. Watch the story.
  6. A high school football player lost scholarship opportunities to play Division 1 college football because he had a foul mouth on Twitter. Read more.

These are just a few of the stories we’ve heard and we hear more almost every week. Think before you post or it could cost you more than suppose.

© 2016 Mark Seguin