You are Being WATCHED Online



Is your private information going public?

Businesses have a new favorite practice: watching your online browsing habits. They follow you around the web collecting information about you in order that they might be able to get your attention about what they sell.

This is made possible because we currently live in an age where most of our time is somehow connected to the world wide web. With this constant stream of inputting and digesting information online, companies are able to tap into how we think and what we think about.

From using smartphones on the go to online shopping for gifts to looking up driving directions or recipes, we are constantly accessing the unlimited databases of the millions of websites. To “Google” something is part of our everyday language and finding a piece of information is never far from our fingertips.

However, what we must be aware that every time we make an online search, purchase something or visit to a website, we are being watched. Companies have a plethora of reasons to gather data about you and your online habits and they are gathering that data as fast as they possibly can.

From tracking what products or services you are researching to keeping tabs on your likes/dislikes on Facebook to keeping up with the apps that you download onto your smartphone, online companies are amassing as much information as possible about you. With this information they can dissect everything about you and then create well-placed ads that advertise items that you might be interested in.

This breach of privacy has other concerns though. What happens when this information falls into the hands of identity thieves? How much of our private lives do we want on display for public knowledge? At what point is our privacy breached by big business or government?

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