A Mother’s Pride Turns to Shame



Parents inherently want to protect their children. We are often preoccupied with the physical aspects of this challenge. But how often do you think about the virtual threats to their overall well-being?

Brittany Champagne became acutely aware of this dilemma when she found a photo of her 8-year-old daughter as the profile of a “bisexual cheerleader,” and the photo was tagged and linked to a plethora of porn sites.

According to the KUTV.com news story, Ms. Champagne is spending hours on the nearly impossible task of removing all photos of her children from her social media pages.

Posting photos that were a source of her pride has resulted in a nightmare, and she says that she feels like a horrible mom.

There isn’t a simple solution, however, being aware of the dangers of sharing information on social media is a good place for parents to safeguard themselves and their families before something like this happens.

The real scary part of this story – how many other photos have been hacked and are not being used in the way they were intended?

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