Holiday Travel Tips


ID Shield Holiday Tips 2015


Whether you’re leaving the house for the day, weekend or an extended trip, you can bet that someone is watching, and the problem during the holidays is that someone probably isn’t Santa. Here are a few tips for travel that may save you unfortunate circumstances and money.

  • Leave any credit cards at home that you won’t use. Better yet — put them in your safe deposit box.
  • Stop mail delivery to your home. Even if someone else is picking up your mail for you, unless you have a house sitter, a big red flag for the neighborhood thief is someone other than you getting your mail.
  • If you have sensitive information with you, be sure to lock it in a hotel safe. Passports, social security cards or anything else of value that can compromise your identity need to be locked away. Your hotel room is not secure!
  • Avoid posting any travel plans on-line. Go ahead and take wonderful photos – but don’t post them until after you’re home. Be sure to turn your location setting off if you are posting other things, too.
  • Be sure to password protect your smartphone and use one of the convenient apps that are available to allow you to find your phone if you do lose or misplace it.
  • Finally, avoid using public Wi-Fi.


*Graphic courtesy of IDShield.


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