What’s Your On-line Identity?


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It really wasn’t a surprise to me that Dictionary.com’s 2015 word of the year is “Identity” or that Oxford’s is “Emoji.”

According to an article by *CNN, we have encountered new terms throughout the year based on events tied to gender, sexuality, race and other key issues. Many of these new terms were added to dictionaries this year, making identity the clear front-runner as the Word of the Year.

So, what is your identity? Who and what are you affiliated with? If I look at your social profiles, will they tell me who you really are?

Prospective employers think so. Perusing social media is just one of the many ways employers are checking up on applicants.

It’s a great time to reflect and focus on what ‘s important to you and to make sure that you are sending the right message with your on-line example.

If you have behaved less than sterling, here are a few tips that will help you clean up your on-line persona.

  1. Create a template bio that can translate effectively across each social media platform that you use. Be consistent with your statuses, messages and comments. Be sure your hobbies and interests are not misleading.
  2. Limit the groups you join or apps you download. Farmville is popular, but if your status is filled hourly with postings, an employer might worry about what you really do with your time during the day.
  3. Limit tagging – be sure to view what is posted to your timeline first.
  4. Limit access to personal information, your profile and photos. Be sure to check your privacy settings and manage them accordingly.
  5. Google yourself. Knowledge, especially self-knowledge, is power.
  6. Clean up your friends list.
  7. If you blog, make sure the subject and content have value and can enhance your professional appearance. If not, delete, delete, DELETE!





© 2016 Mark Seguin