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BBB Business Tip. Corporate Active Shooter Response Trainings On the Rise


The headlines are chilling, and come all too often:

“US mass shootings becoming more frequent – and more deadly

“’Planned, Calculated’ Mass Shooting Leaves Pa. Community Shocked”

“Panic, chaos as horror unfolded during San Bernardino shooting”

An increasing number of attacks on cities, schools and workplaces has prompted many employers to turn to a new area of security for their employees: active-shooter training.

“Most businesses train their staff on business policies and standard operating procedures in order to provide a work environment which not only protects the company but also the company’s most valuable asset – the employees”, said Mechele Agbayani Mills, President and CEO of BBB Serving Central East Texas. “In this day and age, conducting active shooter training and creating a plan on how to react to these types of emergencies are essential for their protection as well.”

Mark Seguin, owner of Tyler-based TBG Solutions, Inc., has been providing Active Shooter Response training across Texas, Alabama and Colorado for 13+ years.

“Unfortunately, workplace violence and mass shootings are becoming more commonplace”, said Seguin. “Having a plan in place is the most responsible approach.”

Active shooter trainings teach businesses to be pro-active, not reactive, in making staff and employees aware of key principles that empower them to make life-saving decisions in the heat of the moment.

Participants walk through realistic responses to active shooter situations using four proven strategies:

ALERT: Relay real-time information of the shooter’s whereabouts through every means of communications as quickly as possible. Do not use codes. Simultaneously call 911 and stay on the phone with them as much as possible.

RUN: Your best possible chance of survival is to get out of harm’s way. Enhance your evacuation strategies to include breaking windows and established rally point.

HIDE: If it is not possible to get out, then hide out. But don’t just turn off the lights; barricade the door as best as you can. Make it impossible for the shooter to enter your room.

FIGHT: If the shooter steps into your room, then you need to be ready to disrupt his accuracy and keep him from taking another shot. Throw anything you have, move about the room, and be ready to subdue him until the authorities arrive.

“Preventing an active shooter situation is impossible. There is no demographic that will predict where the next situation might occur”, Seguin said. “The goal is to save lives by helping people mentally prepare for how they would handle such a situation before it ever happens.”

TBG Solutions, Inc., provides various customizable training modules to promote staff safety and peace of mind. They will be conducting an active shooter response training for BBB Accredited Businesses on April 11th at TJC West Campus. Please call (903)581-5888 for details. TBG Solutions, Inc. has been a BBB Accredited Business since 2014.

For additional resources on how to build a better business and to find out how to network with other businesses, go to bbb.org.

Mechele Mills is the President|CEO for the Better Business Bureau Serving Central East Texas. Prior to her role at BBB, she led and consulted organizations of all sizes, managing operations, sales marketing, and personnel for both the public and private sector. She holds a Bachelor’s in Journalism/PR from the University of Texas at Tyler and a Master’s in Business Administration from Baylor University. Source: Tyler Morning Telegraph and The BBB

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