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Preventing a Digital Glitch: Teacher’s Social Media Experiment Goes Global

NBC Today Video about Tulsa Teacher’s Warning About Facebook

A letter written with a green pen, in all caps, showed up today in my Facebook news feed. The letter was written several months ago by an Oklahoma teacher, Melissa Bour. She was given permission by her school’s administration to post the letter in an effort …

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Who Else Wants to Stay Safe from Income Tax Scams?

Tax Scams‘Tis the season for tax returns. However, in the midst of a flurry of filling out forms and filing for returns, make sure to keep an eye out for scams that want to steal your hard-earned money.

This time of year can get stressful for many people. And if we don’t keep our heads on …

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You are Being WATCHED Online


Is your private information going public?

Businesses have a new favorite practice: watching your online browsing habits. They follow you around the web collecting information about you in order that they might be able to get your attention about what they sell.

This is made possible because we currently live in an age where most …

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Ten Tips To Prevent Identity Theft

While there is no guaranteed strategy to avoid identity theft, you can minimize your risks and guard your personal information by following these ten basic steps.

  1. Mail – Deposit all outgoing mail in mailboxes or in the mailing slots at your local post office. Never leave bill payments in your apartment lobby for the mail
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Banks Blame Clients When Hackers Steal

Valiena Allison got a call from her bank one morning in 2010 regarding a wire transfer from her company’s account. She told the bank manager she hadn’t approved any such wire transfer. What she later found out was that the problem was, that her computer had.

Allison is the CEO of Sterling Heights, Michigan-based Experi-Metal

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Avoid Targeted Phishing Scams

Targeted phishing employs social engineering techniques—using the recipient’s name and perhaps other specific information such as an entity with which they do business, thus making the email look legitimate. The goal is to obtain your personal information, which they could use to commit account takeover or identity theft.

If you are ever contacted via Facebook …
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