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Tips from the BBB and IDShield

Could You Fall for a Scam?

The first quarter of 2016 saw thousands of complaints reported to the BBB’s Scam Tracker. Many of the targets recognized the scam and avoided it. But some did not.

Kroll’s Investigators hear from IDShield members with questions about scams daily. In this Investigator Insight they look at the top

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BBB Business Tip. Corporate Active Shooter Response Trainings On the Rise

The headlines are chilling, and come all too often:

“US mass shootings becoming more frequent – and more deadly

“’Planned, Calculated’ Mass Shooting Leaves Pa. Community Shocked”

“Panic, chaos as horror unfolded during San Bernardino shooting”

An increasing number of attacks on cities, schools and workplaces has prompted many employers to turn to a …

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“Weapons in the Workplace – Active Shooter Response”

Screenshot 2016-02-23 11.26.58You’re invited!

Employer Resource Workshop

“Weapons in the Workplace – Active Shooter Response” 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 from 11:30 am – 2:00 pm

Topics Include:

Weapons in the Workplace

  •      Overview of Texas Law
  •      Employers Rights regarding Weapons
  •      Potential Employer Liabilities
  •      Minimizing Employer Liabilities

Active Shooter Response

  •      Lessons from Past Events
  •      Readiness and Training
  •      Developing a

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What’s Your On-line Identity?

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 1.31.33 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-09 at 1.31.54 PM

It really wasn’t a surprise to me that Dictionary.com’s 2015 word of the year is “Identity” or that Oxford’s is “Emoji.”

According to an article by *CNN, we have encountered new terms throughout the year based on events tied to gender, sexuality, race and other key issues. Many of these new terms were added to …

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Holiday Travel Tips

ID Shield Holiday Tips 2015


Whether you’re leaving the house for the day, weekend or an extended trip, you can bet that someone is watching, and the problem during the holidays is that someone probably isn’t Santa. Here are a few tips for travel that may save you unfortunate circumstances and money.

  • Leave any credit cards at home that
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Child’s Photo Stolen on Facebook

Child’s Photo Stolen on Facebook

Although your profile is set for friends and family, your posts may be defaulting to public. This mom finds out her daughter’s photos had more of a reach through social media than she wanted.


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Facebook Rainbow Profile Application Might Let Others Know More about You than Pride

Facebook graph

Last week, more than a million people changed their profile photos using the Facebook rainbow template. In spite of using tools like these to gather information about politically charged topics in the past, Facebook has officially denied using this application to gather personal information about posters. Do you believe them?

Check out this article:


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District Did Not Condone “Thoughtlessness” of Teacher’s Post

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 11.00.05 AM

Why Can’t We Be Friends in Frenship?

As the controversy and subsequent resignation of a McKinney police officer whose actions were videotaped and posted to social media go viral, you would think that part of his cautionary tale is about discretion. Unfortunately for this Frenship ISD teacher, her seemingly racist post resulted in the loss …

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On-line Bullying with “Anonymous” Posts


You are not anonymous

The Mineral Wells Junior High School is involved in the investigation of the on-line bullying even though the posts appeared to take place off school property and not during school hours. The police are also involved. Not only will the person or persons responsible for the fake accounts and posts be prosecuted or punished, …

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A Mother’s Pride Turns to Shame


Parents inherently want to protect their children. We are often preoccupied with the physical aspects of this challenge. But how often do you think about the virtual threats to their overall well-being?

Brittany Champagne became acutely aware of this dilemma when she found a photo of her 8-year-old daughter as the profile of a “bisexual …

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