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Children and Revenge Porn: There are No Private Moments On-line

Revenge Porn

Children can no longer be considered safe in their own bedrooms. If you have a teenaged girl, chances are she’s been asked to send a naked “selfie” to someone else either through a mobile app on her phone or the webcam on her laptop.

If that statement isn’t disturbing enough, the next one is sure …

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CyberSexting: Consequences are Still Severe for Youth

Today, another headline out of Michigan: Students Sentenced to Probation; Phones Taken Away in Social Media Sex Case, (http://www.dailytribune.com/general-news/20150319/students-sentenced-to-probation-phones-taken-away-in-social-media-sex-case), is yet another cautionary tale, in spite of the recent legislation that is intended to relieve some of the more lasting criminal consequences young people face when they are caught cybersexting or cyberbullying.

A few weeks …

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Preventing a Digital Glitch: Teacher’s Social Media Experiment Goes Global

NBC Today Video about Tulsa Teacher’s Warning About Facebook

A letter written with a green pen, in all caps, showed up today in my Facebook news feed. The letter was written several months ago by an Oklahoma teacher, Melissa Bour. She was given permission by her school’s administration to post the letter in an effort …

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BeSafe in CyberSpace: REVISED and UPDATED!


In the ever changing world of technology, it’s always good to know that you are up-to-date on the latest threats. That’s why we’ve revised our book for you.

We’ve gone through and added the latest Facebook Privacy settings and have even added Instagram to the mix. Our original content is sill included as well to …

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Mark Seguin in the News: Driver’s License Identity Theft

If you ever have your driver’s license stolen or if you carelessly post a picture of it online, then you could very well have your identity stolen. It just happened to a woman who moved to Texas.

Not only that, but a thief can pretend to be you if he or she gets pulled over …

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6 Helpful Tips for Parents of a Social Media Generation

  1. Be aware of the signs of cyberbullying and sexting either on social media or via texting.
  2. TALK to kids about safety and ethics, explaining that their behavior should not be any different in person vs online vs texting.
  3. RESTRICT access to sites you know are inappropriate (filtering/monitoring tools)
  4. SUPERVISE their online time as appropriate. Children

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