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When identity theft is first experienced at a human level, it has the ability to change behavior at a workplace level.

[ba-pullquote align=”left”]His presentation made me realize what could happen! -M Rocha Turlock, CA[/ba-pullquote]We fully understand anyone can get up in front of your employees and say they provided “Training”.  We have all sat through “training” that told us what we already knew, and that was useless in impacting our behavior because it never engaged our thinking!   

This is where we are different.  

We understand the importance of engaging our audience through stories, humor, and involvement.   As professional public speakers, we engage audiences for a living.  We get our audience involved in the dialogue, we help them personally identify through true stories, and we know the importance of a little laughter along the way. 

Training on data breach prevention is something that can be provided by any management level person.  The procedural do’s and dont’s, and the consequences to the employee for improper actions need to be communicated,  but they aren’t enough! 

What is missed is the “Why” behind data security measures in the first place.  Our training establishes a strong “Why” and impacts behavior that will improve your employees following of your procedures.   Our training often generates new discussions between staff and management about opportunities for improving day to day security procedures!  It is our expertise,  insight, and knowledge of these issues combined with an engaging delivery that makes a substantially greater impact on those we train, as evidenced by literally thousands of evaluation forms indicating this impact.

When your employees understand the complete problem of identity theft and the impact of data breaches on those impacted at a gut level, the day to day procedures take on a new meaning.  

Every day across North America, breaches occur because of employee error even though such actions or negligent behavior were specifically forbidden in established policies and procedures.  Why didn’t the employee follow the policy?  Did they feel it just wasn’t a big deal?  Did they understand the risk?  Did they realize that thieves are targeting information held at companies?  Did they know that clients could suffer greatly if this information made it into a thief’s hands?  Were they aware there is a black market for information through which the victims suffer financial, emotional, and even medical harm? Were they aware their decision could get them named in a lawsuit? Had they been through our training they would have known!!

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