Surviving An Active Shooter Situation

(This video from the City of Houston provides a great introduction to our speaking points.)

Lockdown is not enough. You need OPTIONS.

From Columbine High School in 1999 to VirginiaTech in 2007 to Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012, school shootings in America are an atrocity. Businesses, ministries, shopping malls, churches, hospitals, movie theaters, etc. have also been targets. On and on the list goes.

2012 was America’s deadliest year yet, according to this Guide to Mass Shootings in America.

Just like fire drills and tornado drills are in place in hopes that they would never occur, unfortunately we must also have active shooter drills in place. Seconds are lives in these situations. Get trained. Save lives.

We empower schools and businesses with options that have been proven to
increase survivability by 80%.

  • Learn how to use real-time alerts over your announcements system to give staff and students an opportunity to escape.
  • Discover how to properly barricade a door and create distractions that will slow down a shooter.
  • Know how to instantly react if a shooter walks into your room.

Why us?

This is gonna save lives.

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