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Preventing a Digital Glitch: Teacher’s Social Media Experiment Goes Global

NBC Today Video about Tulsa Teacher’s Warning About Facebook

A letter written with a green pen, in all caps, showed up today in my Facebook news feed. The letter was written several months ago by an Oklahoma teacher, Melissa Bour. She was given permission by her school’s administration to post the letter in an effort …

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Social Media Blooper Reel: Don’t Let This Happen to You

NFL Referee is FiredIf you’ve ever fired off a Tweet or posted a status on Facebook without thinking twice, you may end up like one of these unsuspecting people who got caught representing themselves poorly online.

We have heard so many stories of people who have unwittingly posted statuses, photos and comments on their Facebook, Twitter or other …

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What You Need To Know About Cyberbullying and the Law

When it comes to bullying people online, the law takes a firm stance — one you won’t want to mess with.

Similar to sexting, there are serious consequences when it comes to laws against cyberbullying. And there is no age limit on these laws being enforced. There have been cases of 12 year old …

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Why do Cyberbullies Hurt People?

Fire Ant

Whenever we come into the question of why people hurt other people, we like to explain it by using a fire ant sting.

For instance, have you ever been stung by a fire ant? What was your first reaction when you got stung? You flicked it off as fast as you could! The moment you …

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Cyberbullying: How Bad Is It?

With the widespread use of cell phones and social media, it has become too easy to bully friends, classmates and coworkers online.

The simple definition of cyberbullying is to harm, harass or humiliate someone via electronic format. This can include posting hateful messages on a Facebook page, sending humiliating photos to other peoples’ cell phones …

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The Scope of Sexting

Jesse Logan - A Victim of Sexting

Sexting, a combination of ‘sex’ and ‘texting,’ has exploded onto the scene in the recent years.

It refers to sending nude or sexually-suggestive images, videos or text through electronic means. Cell phones have been the main vehicle, but computers and webcams are also often used. Since the inception of the iPhone in 2007 and the …

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12 Tips to Be Safe in CyberSpace and Social Media

While social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) is a great way to connect with others, it poses numerous hazards to participants of all ages. Despite the fact that technology is constantly changing, the following recommendations should help you identify and reduce your risks.

  1. Understand that social media sites perceive you as inventory – a commodity
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